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MILO Staff Directory and Profiles



Gay Yuyitung

Executive Director

905-525-9140 ext.23164

  • Leads the MILO team, providing strategic direction and tactical advice to team members
  • Oversees McMaster's technology commercialization efforts

Research Contracts

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Amber Metham

Assistant Director, Research Contracts

905-525-9140 ext.26878

Manages the Research Contracts Unit which is responsible for administering:

  • Research contracts from any source (government, industry, not-for-profit, etc.)
  • All industry funding, both grants and contracts
  • R&D matching funds programs offered by the federal and provincial governments to collaborations between industry and university
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

Bertha Monrose

Research Contracts Advisor (Life and Health Sciences) 

905-525-9140 ext. 22416


Research Contracts Advisors:
  • Assist faculty members with the development and review of research proposals for submission to sponsors 
  • Develop and negotiates research agreements
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Ryan Vieira

Research Contracts Advisor (Science and Engineering) 

905-525-9140 ext. 22649

no photo

Suzanne Ferenczi

Research Contracts Advisor (Primary contact for Humanities, Social Science and Business, additional support for all faculties) 

905-525-9140 ext.20299

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Ryan Caldwell

Business Development Specialist, Mitacs and McMaster /


  • Assists faculty members with the development and review of research proposals for submission to sponsors


Daniela Cali

Research Contracts Coordinator

905-525-9140 ext.22626

  • Supports the Research Contracts group
  • Handles post-award issues, established research accounts

Industry Liaison (Technology Transfer)

Canada's next top model

Glen Crossley

Assistant Director, Business Development

905-525-9140 ext.20372

  • Manages the Business Development group

  • Supports the development of collaborative relationships between McMaster and the private sector, and governments
  • Manages a portfolio of technologies in Science and Engineering
  • Facilitates startup company formation for students, faculty and staff

Sunita Asrani

Senior Manager, Business Development and Licensing

905-525-9140 ext.28641

  • Manages and oversees the questionnaire team and ensures delivery of effective services to increase the volume of questionnaire and tools available for licensing and success in commercialization of these instruments.  

  • Leads in developing strategic plans to grow the portfolio of questionnaires and tools, including creating processes, best practices, setting and tracking of annual goals for the portfolio. 

  • Performs the Business Development staff responsibilities detailed below

Paul Grunthal

Business Development Manager, Physical Sciences and Engineering

905-525-9140 ext.26548

Business Development staff:

  • Perform due diligence on invention disclosures to assess the patentability and market potential
  • Support the development of collaborative relationships between McMaster and the private sector, and governments
  • Market technologies to potential industry partners
  • Coordinate license agreements between McMaster and external organizations
  • Assist researchers who are applying for Proof-of-Principle funding from programs that require the involvement of a technology transfer office
  • Manages a portfolio of technologies in Science and Engineering
  • Facilitates startup company formation for students, faculty and staff

Leigh Wilson

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences

905-525-9140 ext.28642

no photo

Jae-Ho Yoo

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences

905-525-9140 ext.28620

no photo

Alan Sawula

Business Development Officer, Physical Sciences and Engineering

905-525-9140 ext.28209

no photo

Carmen Carrasquilla

Business Development Officer, Life Sciences

905-525-9140 ext.21088

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Alyssa Posca

Business Development Analyst

905-525-9140 ext.28707


Shawn Leslie

Licensing Associate


(Quality-of-Life Questionnaires) 

905-525-9140 ext.22176

  • Drafts and negotiates license agreements for several quality-of-life questionnaires authored by faculty at McMaster which are used primarily for academic research and for clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies
  • Works closely with the designated author of each questionnaire to translate and review various translations of the instruments and to respond to technical questions
  • Works closely with the Budget and Financial analyst to prepare, provide and collect the appropriate license fees
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Cheryl Minnis

Licensing Associate

(Quality-of-Life Questionnaires) 

905-525-9140 ext.22176

no photo

Laura Guevara

Licensing Assistant

(Quality-of-Life Questionnaires) 

905-525-9140 ext.28640

legal and administrative services


Sarah O'Byrne

Legal Counsel,Copyright and Research

905-525-9140 ext.20024


  • Provides legal advice with respect to research and licensing agreements and copyright matters
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Heather Morrison

Budget and Financial Analyst

905-525-9140 ext.20371

  • Day-to-day management of MILO's financial records, transactions and budgets
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Ziyi Cai

IP Administrator

905-525-9140 ext.22173

  • Day-to-day management of McMaster's patents, trade-marks and intellectual property licenses