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Copyright at McMaster

Who owns what? What are the relevant policies?

What policies affect copyright at McMaster?

Copyright issues and ownership of copyright is covered by the following policies:

Who owns the copyright in the work I produce at McMaster?

That depends on who you are, what you’ve created, and how you created it. Under the Copyright Act, the general rule is that whoever creates the work owns the copyright in the work, unless they are an employee (in which case the employer owns the copyright) or there is an agreement to the contrary. The university has special arrangements with its faculty and students, set out in the Joint IP Policy, so that academic researchers (which includes faculty, medical staff and researchers) and students own the copyright in any traditional academic materials created by them. However, there are some qualifications and exceptions, for example, if the work was created jointly with other employees or was funded by a specific grant. Ultimately, ownership will depend on the facts of your situation and you should contact MILO's Copyright Officer to confirm the ownership interests in your work.

Who should I contact if I have a question about copyright?

The university has a wealth of expertise available to assist you with copyright issues. Please refer any questions you have to the following, as appropriate: