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MILO Forms

Here is a quick summary of the MILO forms referred to on this website

Disclosure Forms

The formal step that begins the commercialization process is filing a disclosure form. Filing this form triggers the MILO commercialization process. Each form contains filing instructions for who to email the completed form to, but in all cases a signed hard copy must also be mailed to the McMaster Industry Liaison Office, McMaster Innovation Park, Suite 305, Attention: IP Administrator.

  • Discovery Disclosure Form
    Use this form to report new processes, software, methods of doing something, products, apparatus, compositions of matter, living organisms and improvements to (or new uses for) things that already exist. If there is any doubt that legal protection may be available for a particular discovery or research result, please seek direction from MILO staff.
  • Copyright Disclosure Form
    Use this form to disclose works that are protected by copyright and that fall under the Joint IP Policy, for example, a medical questionnaire.

Other Forms

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • One-way NDA used when MILO is presenting confidential information to an outside party.
  • Two-way NDA used when McMaster researcher and an outside party are exchanging confidential information, for example when discussing a sponsored research agreement.
  • Contacts: Ryan Vieira (Faculties of Engineering and Science);  Bertha Monrose (Faculty of Health Sciences); i (Faculties of Humanities, Social Science and School of Business)

Material Transfer Agreement

You can request an MTA using:

Templates for both a Biological MTA and Non-biological MTA

are available for your review.



Sponsored Project Checklist (General)

Sponsored Project Checklist (Science)

All Faculty researchers (excluding Faculty of Health Sciences) must submit this checklist for all full proposals being submitted to external funding agencies as well as to companies and foundations.

Checklist for Opening an FHS account

All Faculty of Health Sciences researchers must submit this checklist  before MILO can open a research contracts account.