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MTA Request (Outgoing)

Material Transfer Agreement Request (Outgoing)

To request a Material Transfer Agreement for outgoing materials, please fill in this form. The contracts group in the McMaster Industry Liaison Office will use this information to draft an MTA for your review.

1. Your Contact Information
information about the McMaster researcher requesting the NDA
2. Recipient Information
4. Purpose of use
Does the transfer of Material represent a research collaboration between you and the Provider?

3. Description of Material
Was the Material created using another material obtained from a third party(ies)?
If so, is that material transferred under an agreement?

Was the Material created as part of a research project for which you received industrial and/or government funding?

Is the Material a human sample, or a drug?

5. Intellectual Property and Publications Issues
Is the Material related to an invention?

Has the invention been disclosed?

Do you think that information regarding the Material and the use of it should be kept confidential?

Would you like to have a report summarizing the research results regarding the use of Material from the Recipient scientist?

If the Recipient scientist is going to publish research results regarding the use of Material, would you like to review on the publication in advance?

6. Other
Is an export license required for the Material?

Is the Material a live animal strain, or derived from an animal, or a human sample, or a drug?

Note: Please check with relevant departments/facilities if the Material is a live animal or is derived from an animal source