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Partner with McMaster for Success

As one of Canada’s top research universities, McMaster has an incredible array of talented researchers. Every year those researchers make new discoveries that could give Canadian businesses a competitive advantage. Moreover, our researchers love a challenge and many of them are please to help industry overcome the obstacles it faces.

Connecting McMaster researchers to industry is MILO’s core mission

Broadly speaking this happens in one of three ways:

  1. Businesses license the right to use discoveries made at McMaster, Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
  2. Businesses sponsor McMaster researchers to perform targeted research
    • Sponsored research can include government matched-funding programs such as the NSERC Research Partnerships Program or various OCE programs
  3. Businesses engage McMaster facilities to perform specific services

Of course, we realize that every situation is unique and we are often can tailor an arrangement to match your specific needs.


A licence with the university is similar to a licence with another business. For example, McMaster researchers have developed a filtering technology that is very useful for industrial purification. MILO negotiated a licence with a manufacturer of commercial filtering systems to use the technology.

Sponsored or collaborative research is less familiar to many businesses. Like anyone, McMaster’s researchers like to show that their work has relevance to the larger world. For example, if you’re facing a corrosion problem with a product or production machinery, we can connect you to one of the researchers in our corrosion laboratory who may be able to help you solve your problem. These sorts of arrangements vary considerably, but we can confidently say that sponsoring research at a university is surprisingly affordable compared to your other options. A variety of government programs provide matching funds for collaborative research and MILO can help you apply to some of these programs.

McMaster offers some services to businesses. Generally, this involves tools that are rare or highly specialized. For example, McMaster is home to a nuclear research reactor and offers Neutron Activation Analysis services. McMaster generally does not provide services that are commonly available from commercial providers.

Other Issues (MTAs and NDAs)

MILO also helps businesses and industry who want to work with research materials or researchers from the university by arranging Material Transfer Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements respectively.