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Sponsoring Research

Sponsored and Collaborative Research at McMaster

As one of Canada’s most research intensive universities, McMaster University has a wealth of experts, institutes and facilities dedicated to studying everything from advanced polymer processing to gene therapeutics. For example, if you need help developing a derivative pricing model, McMaster has a financial mathematics group that has the expertise you need.

Finding Expertise

McMaster has over 1,200 full-time faculty, including over 70 Canada Research Chairs and NSERC Industrial Research Chairs. There are several ways to find a McMaster expert in your area. First, you can always call MILO. An industry liaison officer would be pleased to help you. Alternately, visit the online Experts Guide, the McMaster Collaborations for Health Directory of Expertise,  browse MILO's list of research centers at McMaster that are seeking collaborations, or search the McMaster website.

Need an Introduction?

MILO is please to facilitate introductions between researchers and industry.

How does Sponsorship or Collaborative Research Work?

Like any collaboration, it is important that both sides meet and develop a strong working relationship. Both McMaster researchers and the business sponsor need to be comfortable with each other and understand each other’s abilities and needs. Think of it as a courtship. Both sides need to build confidence and trust in the endeavor.

If both sides determine that they can work together in a mutually beneficial way, the researcher will prepare a proposal, including:

  • Project description
  • Time lines
  • Deliverables
  • Resources/facilities required
  • Details regarding graduate student involvement
  • Intention of applying for matching funds
  • Budget

The proposal is then submitted to MILO's Research Contracts group. MILO helps negotiate the final agreement. Generally, all research agreements contain the following:

  • Intellectual Property terms
  • Confidentiality terms
  • Publications terms
  • Liability and Indemnification terms
  • Payment details
  • Termination provisions
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