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Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD)

Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD)

RGI analysis of Acinetobacter baumannii strain TCDC-AB0715


Antibiotic resistant pathogens are increasing in frequency and severity. A recent UK low estimate for global deaths due to drug resistant microbial infections is 700,000 annually but without intervention is predicted to be 10 million annually by 2050, with an associated global cost of 100 trillion USD and global 2-3.5% drop in Gross Domestic Product ( Drs. Gerry Wright and Andrew McArthur, world renowned experts in antibiotic resistance and bioinformatics respectively, have developed the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) and Antibiotic Resistance Ontology (ARO).


  • The CARD is a rigorously curated collection of known antibiotic resistance elements, pathogens and antibiotics available at
  • It comprises the most up-to-date, browsable information resource on antibiotics, drug targets, resistance genes, resistance mechanisms and antibiotic biosynthesis proteins.
  • It provides sequence-based search tools, plus downloadable sets of continuously curated, pre-compiled data.
  • The ARO serves as the bioinformatics foundation that provides an organized classification system for the diverse antibiotic resistance data in the CARD to be easily viewed and sorted.


  • Licenses for commercial use of the CARD are presently available for a yearly fee of $1,000.
  • Bulk analysis of metagenome or genome sequences for prediction of resistance genes using the Resistance Gene Identifier software is also available upon request.

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