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How MILO Serves Researchers

The McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO) works hard to support the research endeavors of McMaster University and its affiliated hospitals, Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, by facilitating collaborative research with industry partners and disseminating research results through commercialization.

We assist both researchers and industry by:

  • Advancing collaborative research

    • MILO's Research Contracts group reviews and negotiates hundreds of research agreements per year, including all industry-sponsored research agreements and all research contracts performed by the university, whether from government, industry or other sources.
    • Research Contracts also works with researchers and industry to ensure that appropriate legal agreementsare in place to enable the exchange of cells, other biological or chemical materials and confidential information.
  • Helping researchers obtain funding

    • We assist researchers in applying for industry matching granting programs, such as NSERC’s strategic grants, collaborative R&D grants, industrial chairs, and OCE funding.
    • We assist researchers in applying for commercialization funding programs, such as CIHR’s Proof-of-Principle Initiative, NSERC’s Idea-to-Innovation Program, and OCE’s Market Readiness Program.
  • Evaluating and protecting intellectual property

    • We review and evaluate inventions, discoveries and copyright materials to assess their practical feasibility and commercial potential.
    • We secure intellectual property protection through patents, copyright, trade-mark and other means to protect and enhance research discoveries.
  • Commercializing discoveries, inventions and tools

    • Licensing technologies, educational materials, and assessment tools
      • Using market research and our industry connections, we find industry partners for licensing, collaborative research and joint development of an extensive portfolio of technologies.
    • Establishing and supporting spin-offs
      • We assist in creating spin-off company opportunities and connecting researchers with industry support networks, venture capitalists, angel investors and other management and financial specialists.
    • Educating the research community
      • We offer educational seminars and events on intellectual property and research contract issues for faculty, staff and students, which can be tailored to specific research areas or current issues in this field.
    • A Gateway to Further Support
      • MILO has ongoing relationships with many complementary support organizations and can help researchers connect with groups such as Innovation Factory, the Small Business Centre, the City of Hamilton's Economic Development office and others.