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Contract Process

Project Proposal Drafted by Principal Investigator

  • The federal and provincial governments as well as various other organizations have specific forms that must be completed when submitted a funding proposal, please consult our office or the funding organization for details.
  • When requesting funding from a private sector partner, the faculty member drafts a proposal for approval by the university and the private sector partner.  The proposal includes:
    • Project description
    • Time lines
    • Deliverables
    • Resource and facilities requirements
    • Details regarding graduate student involvement
    • Intention of applying for matching funds
    • Budget
      • Includes 40% overhead on direct costs or other applicable overhead

Proposal Approval

  • Proposal signed by:
    • Principal Investigator
    • Co-Investigators
    • Chair of Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators (if different department than PI)
    • Dean of Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator (if different Faculty than PI)
    • Executive Director of MILO
  • Proposal is submitted to the funding agency or private sector sponsor for review and approval

Project Awarded

  • TriCouncil Awards (NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC)
    • The funding agency issues an Award Letter that details the amount of funding, the timelines around the funding and any conditions that must be met in order to secure the award.  Often, TriCouncil funding is conditional on negotiating a research agreement with the private sector partner within six months of receiving the notification of the project award.
    • MILO acts on behalf of the university and the researcher in negotiating the research agreement.
  • Ontario Centre of Excellence
    • Issues an Award Letter to the research and the private sector partner and then circulated the OCE Research Collaboration Agreement template to the private sector partner and the University.
    • MILO acts on behalf of the University and the researcher in negotiating the research agreement.
  • Federal Government
    • Issue a standard government contract through the Department of Supplies and Services or Public Works and Government Services.
    • MILO acts on behalf of the university and the researcher in negotiating the research agreement.
  • Private Sector Collaboration
    • MILO works with the company to draft and negotiate the research agreement.

The Research Agreement

  • Generally, all research agreements contain the following:
    • Intellectual Property terms
    • Confidentiality terms
    • Publication terms
    • Liability and indemnification terms
    • Payment details
    • Termination provisions
  • MILO works with the researcher to ensure that their objectives are met and their rights to publish are not restricted.

Post Award Process

  • Once the project is awarded and the agreement is finalized, MILO facilitates the opening of a research account.