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connecting universities across Southwest Ontario

C4 logo C4 is a technology transfer consortium that fosters innovation in Southwest Ontario by promoting commercialization. Comprised of ten universities and research institutions, C4 members coordinate their resources, cooperate with governmental and industrial bodies, collaborate in multi-disciplinary research to solve real world problems, and commercialize the results of their research.

The C4 members are:

This diverse group of universities and research institutions provide a broad and deep base of expertise for MILO to draw on. By working together, the C4 institutions achieve economies of scale enabling a more robust effort than they could accomplish individually.

C4 Resources

C4 allows MILO to offer McMaster researchers additional commercialization and technology transfer support, such as:

  • Access to specialized C4 personnel
  • Enhanced marketing opportunities
  • C4 Proof-of-Principle Fund

Specialized personnel

C4 has makes it possible for its members to hire specialized personnel to share amongst the member institutions. For example, industrial liaison officers with expertise in areas such as photonics and food processing are now available to McMaster. In addition, C4 employs several dedicated IP specialists, including a copyright officer, a patent searcher and marketing specialists who can help McMaster researchers.

Marketing Opportunities

C4 has a focused marketing program of events, online activities and seminars designed to promote technologies at industry events. The C4 conference and trade show campaign puts your discovery in front of potential licensees.

C4 Proof-of-Principle Fund

The gap between finished research and commercial technology can be wide. The C4 Proof-of-Principle Fund helps you bridge that gap by funding early stage commercialization activities. Applications for funding are made with your industrial liaison officer.


C4 remains committed to sharing best practices between institutions and reducing the barriers for collaboration between both C4 members and other institutions. In that spirit our model and template agreements are available as a reference for other institutions to adopt.