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an initiative to encourage the creation of start-up companies based on inventions and research discoveries made at the university, as well as at Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

preINC  is aimed at the pre-incubation phase of business creation. It provides business advice and support to individuals, such as faculty and students, who are interested in starting a company to commercialize discoveries and inventions made at McMaster.

Occupying 1,000sq ft in the newly renovated McMaster Innovation Park, preINC is a venue where entrepreneurial researchers can explore how to transform their research into a start-up company.  Co-located with the McMaster Industry Liaison Office, preINC participants have ready access to the office’s legal, commercial and marketing expertise, including intellectual property and business development professionals.

As projects progress, preINC also can serve as an office where new companies can be created and initially housed. These new companies will have access to shared services such as administrative support.

preINC currently houses  four participants: ProFitHR, Digital Dash, Accelyst and Adiga Life Sciences.

A detailed overview and an online application form are available.

For further information contact Glen Crossley, 905-525-9140 ext 20372.

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